Drive DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator

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The Drive DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator is a high-performance medical device engineered to deliver supplemental oxygen to individuals with respiratory needs. It offers a robust and reliable solution for patients requiring higher oxygen output, delivering up to 10 liters per minute (LPM) of continuous flow oxygen. This concentrator is crafted with durable materials to ensure long-term reliability and consistent performance. The device features an intuitive user interface with a simple, easy-to-read control panel, making it user-friendly for both patients and caregivers. It efficiently provides a high concentration of oxygen, ensuring that patients receive the necessary level of respiratory support. Despite its high capacity, the concentrator operates quietly, producing approximately 50 decibels of sound, which enhances patient comfort and makes it suitable for home use without causing disturbances. The Drive DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator is designed to be compact and portable, allowing for easy transport and use in various settings. It includes integrated alarms for power failure, low oxygen concentration, and required service, thereby enhancing safety and reliability. Additionally, the concentrator is energy efficient, consuming around 639 watts, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
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